SOCAME (Social and citical aspects of mathematics education)

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SOCAME is the research group on the social and citical aspects of mathematics education, at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, MND.

The group comprises senior researchers and doctoral students, as well as a broad network of Swedish and international research collaborators. SOCAME project portfolio covers a variety of research and development studies on the social, cultural, political, economic and historical constitution of mathematics education practices in educational institutions and other spaces of practice where mathematics knowing and competence circulates.

SOCAME contributes to the series of high seminars in mathematics education at MND, as well as to activities in Sweden and in many countries in the world.

Group members

Dr Lisa Björklund Boistrup
I am interested in research which concerns all students’ opportunities to be invited into the world of mathematics through mathematics teaching and learning in school. I am involved in various research projects that all have connections with each other. One project focus on what ...

Dr Iben Christiansen
My research focus is the knowledge, learning and practices of mathematics teachers. I joined Stockholms University in January 2015, after working and living in South Africa for 15 years.

Currently, I am working on developing an international project on mapping mathemat...

Dr Eva Norén
My research focuses on mathematics education in multilingual mathematics classrooms. One premise is that students are used to learn in their mother tongue and that mother tongue will be a resource in their continuing mathematical learning. Another starting point is language devel...

Dr Kicki Skog

Min forskningsprofil i matematikämnets didaktik handlar om möjlighet till lärande i matematik och hur detta kan ta sig uttryck i olika kulturer, såväl nationellt som internationellt. I mitt avhandlingsprojekt studerade jag möjligheter och utmanin...

Prof Paola Valero

My research has pursued the overall question of why and how mathematics education can be thought as political. My initial research in the 1990s at ”una empresa docente”, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, brought together the issues of reform processes in mathemat...

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