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Our divison focuses on improved understanding of how stress-related illnesses and health problems arise and can be prevented in and outside of the workplace. In particlar, we focus on how working life, in a broad sense, affects health, taking also factors outside working life into consideration, e.g. retirement, unemployment, health behaviours, and the balance between work and private life.

The division is home to SLOSH - Swedish Longitudinal Occupational Survey of Health - a nationally representative cohort study of the health consequences of psychosocial factors at work with 18,915 participants. Through extensive international collaboration, researchers at the Division are also able to use a number of large databases both in Sweden and in other countries to explore questions about working life and health.

The Division focuses mainly on longitudinal studies aiming to:

  • explore associations between work organisation, work environment and health, e.g. self-rated health, sleep disturbances, hearing problems, cognitive disturbances, depression, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and premature death.
  • study the causes and consequences of sickness absence, sickness presenteeism, and retirement.
  • investigate how acquired behavioural patterns, personal choices, and the balance between work and private life affects the associations between stress in working life and health.
  • study the health consequences of downsizing, organisational changes, and business cycle.
  • investigate the role of sleep and restitution in the relationship between stress in working life and health outcome.
  • study physiological mechanisms which mediate the association between stress and manifest disease, e.g. atherosclerosis and disturbances in hormonal regulation.
  • evaluate workplace interventions aiming to improve the work environment, reduce harful stress, as well as to promote health and productivity among the emplyees.

Group members

Dr Holendro Singh Chungkham



Ph.D., Population Studies, 2009, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India

Research profile/Current work ...

Dr Constanze Leineweber

Researcher, Data Manager


Degree in Psychology (Diplom-Psychologe)

Research profile/Current work
One of my main interests is the intera...

PhD student Aram Seddigh

Research Assistant

MSc in psychology (2008) with an interdisciplinary education in Business administration.

Research profile/Current work

Prof Töres Theorell

Scientific advisor

MD PhD Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. I am a physician who defended my dissertation in 1971 at the Karolinska Institute with my thesis on Life events in rela...

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