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The general focus for the researchers in Theme 2 is alcohol and drug policy and its implications, broadly defined. This includes research on how and why alcohol-related problems are constructed, issues that are increasingly important as alcohol policy becomes less general and more focused on particular segments of the population, who are chosen as objects of increased control. We also have some research on gambling and medication policies. This research is structured according to (a) studies of the discursive level, and (b), studies of specific alcohol and drug (gambling, medication) policies and measures.

Researchers in Theme 2 conduct research on alcohol, drug and gambling policies in a national and international context; research on how different generations define and understand normal and problematic drinking; research on gender, alcohol and the definition of normal and problematic drinking in the Swedish media, in Swedish alcohol policy action plans, and in group interviews with young adults and women and men of different generations; research on the Swedish press debate on illegal alcohol, illicit drugs and psychotropics; research on alcohol prevention in Swedish working life; and evaluations of alcohol and drug prevention programs. In addition, projects further developing these ideas have been and will be started in 2011, including two doctoral student projects on drugs, normalisation and marginalisation.

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