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GR300 - Attiki

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Integrating Epidemiology and Experimental Biology to Improve Risk Assessment of
Exposure to Mixtures of Endocrine Disruptive Compounds
01/05/2015 - 30/04/2019
A large body of evidence supports associations between exposure to anthropogenic chemicals and endocrinedisruptive effects, leading to disorders in humans and wildlife. Based on the scientific documentation it is beyonddoubt that endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are of conce...

Innovative e-environment for Research on Cities and the Media
01/04/2016 - 31/03/2019

I-Media-Cities is the initiative of 9 European Film Libraries, 5 research institutions, 2 technological providers and a specialist of digital business models to share access to and valorise audiovisual (AV) content from their collections for research purposes in a wide range o...

Network of Excellence in Internet Science
31/12/2011 - 31/05/2015

The goal of EINS is coordinating and integrating European research aimed at achieving a deeper multidisciplinary understanding of the development of the Internet as a societal and technological artefact, whose evolution is increasingly interwined with that of human societies. ...

European Network on Noise and Health
01/09/2009 - 31/08/2011
This proposal puts forward plans to establish a research network of experts on noise and health in Europe. This network will establish future research directions and policy needs in Europe. The network will review the existing literature on environmental noise exposure and health...

Citizenship and democratic legitimacy in the European Union
01/11/2002 - 31/10/2005
The objective is to examine the prospects for a citizens ' Europe through taking stock of the EU as a rights-based post-national union. This requires attention to what kind of order is emerging in Europe: Is it moving towards a) a mere problem-solving entity based on economic cit...

Characterisation of exhaust Particulate emissions from road vehicles
01/04/2000 - 31/03/2003
A thorough chacterisation of particulate emissions from present and near future diesel and gasoline vehicles will be carried out. Investigation parameters will include mass and number exhaust concentrations, size, chemical composition and others. Measurements will be conducted bo...

The Post-Industrial City: Urban Challenges and Responses since 1950
There are two overarching aims to the project: (i) to explore and compare the local effects of globalisation ("glocalisation") and European integration by examining a number of towns and city trajectories in the late 20th century; (ii) to explore how city authorities have perceiv...

Reorient University Curricula to Address Sustainability

The great challenge of the 21st century for institutions of higher learning is to train professionals who are critical of, and capable of acting in favor of, sustainable development. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a vision of education that seeks to empower peo...

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