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Related Projects

Towards the Establishment of a Framework in Malaria between the AMRN and EVIMalaR
01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014
54 partners from 37 institutes have formed an EC-funded Network of Excellence (NoE) in basic malaria research, the European Virtual Institute for Malaria Research (EVIMalaR). Over the previous >5 years as the NoE BioMalPar these partners successfully broke down many barriers t...

Towards the establishment of a permanent European Virtual Institute dedicated to Malaria Research
01/10/2009 - 30/09/2014

42 partners from 33 institutes to form a NoE that will seek to integrate European malaria research that is directed towards a better understanding of the basic biology of the parasite, its vector and of the biology of the interactions between the parasite and both its mammalia...

Initiative on Optimizing Malaria Vaccine Lab Assays Evaluation
01/04/2009 - 31/03/2012
A broad-range of candidate malaria vaccines derived from diverse novel technologies have resulted from the multiple approaches being taken by different groups in developing malaria vaccines. The majority of the candidates are recombinant proteins based on complex native antigens ...

The European Malaria Vaccine Development Association
01/12/2006 - 30/11/2011
European Malaria Vaccine Development Association (EMVDA) The goal of this 5-year project is to systematically develop and test malaria vaccines by comparative and continuous evaluation of candidates. Exploiting the capabilities of 2 SMEs, 8 European malaria vaccine research centr...

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