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Participant perspective as an inflectional category in Chibchan, Nambikwaran, and Mayan languages
01/07/2008 - 30/06/2010
The proposed project investigates the grammaticalized expression of inter-subjectivity with special attention to Chibchan, Nambikwaran, and Mayan (Yukatekan) languages. Inter-subjectivity is a pragmatically motivated concept that relates to the speaker-addressee configuration of ...

From Vulgar Latin to Italian. The beginnings of a database for historical sound change
01/01/2009 - 31/12/2009
Historical linguistic has documented and reconstructed phonological developments of many languages and language families, but the usefulness of the material is limited by the fact that it has not been made readily available in a unified form. This is however necessary to create a...

Core vocabulary in a typological perspective: semantic shifts and form/meaning correlations
19/10/2006 - 19/04/2009
The general aim of the project is to reveal and describe cross-linguistically recurrent semantic shifts and form/meaning correlations (e.g. patterns of polysemy, lexical connotations, lexical motivation in general) in the core vocabulary of human languages and to achieve a better...

Learning and Development of Contextual Action
01/09/2005 - 28/02/2009
By spontaneously generating and also observing/imitating manipulative gestures, infants quickly learn how to interact with their environment. At the same time, communicative abilities develop leading to a more complex use of speech. Are these motor abilities developing independen...

Research within typologically oriented linguistics
01/01/2004 - 31/12/2006
The proposal is for a grant within the newly announced program for long-term support of leading researchers. A major focus in Östen Dahl's linguistic research has been language typology, understood as the study of human language with a broad cross-linguistic empirical base. ...

Nominal juxtaposition: a cross-linguistic study of a maltreated morpho-syntactic phenomenon
01/01/2002 - 31/12/2005
A "prototypical nominal juxtaposition" refers to a syntactic construction where two nominals (i.e., nouns with or without modifiers, or full noun phrases) occur side by side, with word order and prosody as the only grammatical markers of their relation. An example is the Swedish ...

Modeling interactive language learning
01/01/2004 - 31/12/2005
The project is an interdisciplinary research program intended to investigate and model the fundamental processes involved in language acquisition. It is assumed that the infant has initially no pre-specified linguistic knowledge and that acquisition of the ambient language has to...

Slimming Human Language to the Bone
01/01/2003 - 31/12/2004
The purpose of this project is to study pidginisation from a typological point of view. The reason for a study of pidgins is that concepts such as 'simplicity', 'complexity' and 'expressive potential' have begun to attract increasing interest among linguists. Questions such as "W...

Lexicalization of negation and its role for the development of negation markers
The term standard negation (SN) refers to the negation markers in simple declarative sentences with an overt verb predicate like (i) Maria does not smoke. The negation markers in sentences such as (ii) Britt is not a teacher (a non-verbal sentence) and (iii) There are no ghosts (...


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