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Passeig de Rubi, 29-31


Related Projects

Slow processes in close-to-equilibrium conditions for radionuclides in water/solid systems of relevance to nuclear waste management
01/01/2011 - 31/12/2013

Solid/liquid chemical equilibrium hypotheses (sorption, solubility, solid-solution formation) are key concepts in the assessment of nuclear waste safety. For radionuclides at trace concentrations this corresponds to constant solution concentrations, or solid/liquid distributio...

Mechanisms of Mineral Replacement Reactions
01/09/2008 - 31/08/2012
The mechanism of mineral reequilibration (phase transformation= in the presence of a fluid phase will be investigated in a wide range of minerals and rocks, under a range of chemical and physical conditions, using both natural and experimental samples. Interface-coupled dissoluti...

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