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Related Projects

Reducing the Gender Pay Gap by Nudging Negotiations: Identifying Causal Mechanisms and Interventions
01/01/2017 - 31/12/2019

Gender differences in negotiation behavior are within both the economics and social psychology literatures suggested as one explanation for a persistent gender gap in labor market outcomes, especially for gender gaps at the top of the wage distribution. Simultaneously, negotia...

Housing wealth and economic decisions: a natural experiment
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2016

Housing is the largest form of wealth for most households. Because of its size, the value of residential property is believed to affect household consumption and savings decisions and ultimately the aggregate economy too. Housing decisions are also intimately related with fami...

Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe - The Making of European Citizenship
01/09/2005 - 31/08/2009
The CINEFOGO Network is concerned with the importance of improving citizens' participation in governance. This requires new knowledge on the role of multiple identities, active citizenship and organized civil society. CINEFOGO is a consortium consisting of more than forty univers...

Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violations
01/05/2004 - 30/04/2007
The Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violation (CAHRV) has selected interpersonal violence as its main theme. Violence against women is recognized as a serious challenge to democracy and social cohesion; this awareness now needs to be extended to the victimisation of men, chi...

The role of teacher family characteristics for teaching quality and discrimination

Teachers are important for student performance, but it is difficult to pinpoint what factors are determinant for teacher quality. Previous research has not been able to show that teacher education or teaching experience plays any major role. This project studies if teachers&rs...

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