Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology

CH011 - Vaud

Related Projects

Novel methods for integrated risk assessment of cumulative stressors in Europe
01/11/2004 - 31/10/2009
To support current and future European strategies, in particular for environment and health, there is an urgent need for development of methods for assessing the cumulative risks from combined exposures to multiple stressors including from complex mixtures of chemical, physical, ...

Creation, Evaluation and Application of an Integrated Environmental Fate And Human Food chain Bioaccumulation Model for Polar and Non-Polar Organic Substances
01/10/2006 - 30/09/2009
The work content is structured according to the project objectives listed above. 1. To create a mechanistically based, non-steady state, chemical fate and bioaccumulation model to predict wildlife and human exposure to organic chemicals. 2. To further develop this model to make i...

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