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Related Projects

European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research
01/06/2015 - 31/05/2020

The proposed European Concerted Programme on Radiation Protection Research (acronym: CONCERT) aims to contribute to the sustainable integration of European and national research programmes in radiation protection. It will do so by focusing resources and efforts in five key dir...

Molecular Mechanisms of Fungal Pathogen Host Interactions
01/10/2013 - 30/09/2017
ImResFun shall provide state-of-the-art training in infectious disease research and medical immunology targeting the mostcommon human fungal pathogens, the opportunistic Candida species. The key objectives of ImResFun are: (i) to understandhow immune cells and infected organs res...

Innovative methodology for small populations research
01/02/2014 - 31/05/2017

The HEALTH.2013.4.2-3 call identifies a need for new or improved statistical methodology for clinical trials for the efficient assessment of safety and/or efficacy of treatment for small population groups. This project brings together international experts in innovative clinic...

Host-pathogen interaction systems as tools to identify antifungal targets in C. Albicans and C. Dubliniensis
01/03/2005 - 28/02/2009
One of the major tasks the Life Science industry faces in the coming years is to validate a plethora of targets for treatment of various diseases and the identification of novel lead compounds to generate novel pharmaceutics specifically acting on the targets identified. The &ldq...

Models of good practice in drug treatment in Europe
01/04/2007 - 31/08/2008
The project will identify, collect and evaluate models of good practice in drug treatment/intervention in Europe. Based on the elaborated inventory in all member states and a consensus process, good practice guidance for key drug treatment/intervention forms as well as for the sy...

Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violations
01/05/2004 - 30/04/2007
The Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violation (CAHRV) has selected interpersonal violence as its main theme. Violence against women is recognized as a serious challenge to democracy and social cohesion; this awareness now needs to be extended to the victimisation of men, chi...

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