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Changing families and sustainable societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations
01/02/2013 - 31/01/2017
The main objectives of this project are to investigate the diversity of family forms, relationships, and life courses in Europe; to assess the compatibility of existing policies with these changes; and to contribute to evidence-based policy-making. The project will extend our kno...

Pushing the Envelope of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Paramagnetic Systems. A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2016
A network combining 9 academic research groups and 4 collaborating industrial companies is proposed to train the nextgeneration of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, in developing and applying novel experimental and theoreticalmethods in the NMR spectroscopy of systems c...

The Chemical Cosmos: Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments
01/01/2009 - 31/12/2012
Understanding the chemical evolution of the Universe requires a detailed knowledge of the complex chemistry occurring in both the present and past history of the Universe. Such astrochemistry is distinct from that occurring in terrestrial and industrial environments and requires ...

Gendered Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: The Impact of the Contemporary Women's Movements
01/02/2007 - 31/01/2011
FEMCIT sees citizenship as rights and responsibilities, routes to political access, economic participation as well as feelings and practices of social and cultural belonging. All of these aspects of citizenship will be addressed in the project. FEMCIT understands the promotion of...

Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite
01/04/2004 - 30/09/2009
Leading groups of malaria researchers in major institutions will integrate their scientific expertise and activities to exploit new scientific opportunities provided by the recently available genome information for malaria parasites and their hosts. The joint scientific programme...

DNA damage responses, Genomics instability and Radiation-Induced Cancer. The problem of risk at low and protracted doses
01/01/2004 - 31/08/2008

RISC-RAD is a fundamental research project in the field of radiobiology. Knowledge gained within RISC-RAD will help to assess the risk associated with exposure to low doses of radiation.

  • low doses : the new frontier in radiobiology
  • understanding radiation i...

Fundamental Rights and Private Law in the European Union
01/10/2002 - 30/09/2006
This project will offer young researchers the opportunity to engage in both doctoral and post -doctoral research in the field of European and comparative law. They will be asked to investigate a specific topic with reference to the relationship between fundamental rights and priv...

Mechanisms of formation of ionising radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations
01/02/2000 - 31/01/2003
Chromosomal aberrations are efficiently induced by ionising radiation and contribute to a great extent to the development of cancer. Increased resolution of molecular cytogenetics along with the availability of cell lines and knockout mouse models sensitive to radiation, provide ...

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