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Scaling up soil carbon dynamics from microbial cells to ecosystems for next-generation Earth System models
01/01/2017 - 31/12/2020

Emissions of the greenhouse gases from soils are one order of magnitude larger than anthropogenic emissions and quantifying them is a major challenge in climate change research. It is challenging because emissions originate from microbial processes at microscopic scales that w...

International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic
01/10/2016 - 30/09/2020

INTERACT aims for a geographically comprehensive and excellent state-of-the-art terrestrial research infrastructure throughout the Arctic and adjoining forest and alpine regions to identify environmental change, to facilitate understanding and prediction of future change and t...

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01/01/2016 - 31/12/2019

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Connecting diverse knowledge systems at mulitple scales for enhanced ecosystem governance - developing the Mulitple Evidence Base approach
01/01/2016 - 31/12/2018

Bringing together insights from a diversity of knowledge systems, including indigenous and local knowledge (ILK), can contribute new evidence and improve the capacity to interpret losses of biodiversity and ecosystem services, responses to change, and to develop more sustainab...

Understanding health effects in Baltic fauna: the role of naturally produced halogenated phenols
01/01/2016 - 31/12/2018

Recent research has shown that several Baltic species suffer from health problems probably caused by disturbed energy metabolisms and/or thiamine deficiency. The severity and extension of this health issues cannot be explained solely by the increase in anthropogenic substances...

Integrating spatial processes into ecosystem models for sustainable utilization of fish resources
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2017
Process-based understanding of changes in fish distributions, including especially in order to distinguish and quantify the role of natural drivers and anthropogenic impacts, is still an increasingly challenging research topic with high relevance to resource management. The overa...

Co-creating Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Solutions
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2017
MareFrame seeks to remove barriers preventing a more widespread use of an Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM). It will develop assessment methods and a Decision Support Framework (DSF) for management of marine resources and thereby enhance the capacity to prov...

Green Infrastructure and Urban Biodiversity for Sustainable Urban Development and the Green Economy
01/11/2013 - 31/10/2017

GREEN SURGE will identify, develop and test ways of connecting green spaces, biodiversity, people and the green economy, in order to meet the major urban challenges related to land use conflicts, climate change adaptation, demographic changes, and human health and wellbeing. I...

Knowledge Based Climate Mitigation Systems for a Low Carbon Economy
01/10/2012 - 30/09/2016
The science of complex systems distinguishes linear from non-linear dynamics. Simpler systems can often be satisfactorydescribed by linear models, but complex systems require non-linear models that can capture more of the characteristics ofsuch systems, such as thresholds, feedba...

Searching for food in complex environments: Integrating processes at multiple spatial scales
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2015
Ecological and evolutionary interactions between consumer and resource organisms can be modified by the presence of neighboringorganisms. Such neighborhood effects are a subset of the more general phenomena of ecological and evolutionary indirect effectsand frequency dependent se...

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