Danish State Serum Institute

DK001 - København og Fred

Related Projects

Initiative on Optimizing Malaria Vaccine Lab Assays Evaluation
01/04/2009 - 31/03/2012
A broad-range of candidate malaria vaccines derived from diverse novel technologies have resulted from the multiple approaches being taken by different groups in developing malaria vaccines. The majority of the candidates are recombinant proteins based on complex native antigens ...

The European Malaria Vaccine Development Association
01/12/2006 - 30/11/2011
European Malaria Vaccine Development Association (EMVDA) The goal of this 5-year project is to systematically develop and test malaria vaccines by comparative and continuous evaluation of candidates. Exploiting the capabilities of 2 SMEs, 8 European malaria vaccine research centr...

Development and application of biomarkers of dietary exposure to genotoxic and immunitoxic chemicals and of biomarkers of early effects, using mother-child birth cohorts and biobanks
01/02/2006 - 31/01/2011
NewGeneris will test the hypothesis that maternal exposure to dietary compounds with carcinogenic and iimunotoxic properties results in uterus exposure and molecular events in the unborn child leading to increased risk of cancer and immune disorders in later childhood. Biomarkers...

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