Ecole Normale Supérieure

FR101 - Paris

Related Projects

Target specific delivery systems for gene therapy based on cell penetrating peptides
01/04/2003 - 31/03/2006
The cell membrane penetrating peptides, Capps, are designed and synthesized recently by the partners, and applied for cellular delivery of oligonucleotides. The aim of the present project is the design, synthesis and testing of novel on-viral modes of efficient target selective t...

Interhemispheric Differences in Cirrus Properties from Anthropogenic Emissions
01/02/2000 - 31/01/2002
Problems to be solved Recent assessments on environmental impacts from changes in atmospheric composition stress the importance of natural and anthropogenic changes in aerosols, which may influence ozone depletion and climate forcing. One topic of growing concern is the expected ...

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