The Scottish Ministers, acting through Fisheries Research Services Marine Laboratory

UKA4 - Grampian
United Kingdom

Related Projects

European network of excellence for oceans ecosystems analysis
01/01/2005 - 31/12/2008
EUR-OCEANS aims to achieve lasting integration of European research organisations on global change and pelagic marine ecosystems, and to develop models for assessing and forecasting the impacts of climate and anthropogenic forcing on food-web dynamics (structure, functioning, div...

Conservation of diversity in an exploited species: spatiotemporal variation in the genetics of herring in the North Sea and adjasent areas
01/01/2002 - 31/12/2004
The misidentification of population structure within stock complexes can lead to overexploitation by depleting spawning components, affecting intraspecific genetic diversity. This problem is exacerbated in stock complexes with demographically diverse components that intermingle s...

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