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CZ010 - Hlavni mesto Prah
Czech Republic

Related Projects

Perfluorinated Organics in Our Diet
01/08/2009 - 31/07/2012
Anthropogenic perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) have recently gained socio-economic and scientific interest. PFCs constitute a newly emanating group of environmental contaminants, with physico-chemical as well as toxicological properties different from those of other halogenated co...

Heat-generated food toxicants: Identification, characterisation and risk minimisation
01/11/2003 - 28/02/2007
Modern science has showed that heating of meat and other protein rich foods can generate various kinds of potentially hazardous compounds, some of which are geotaxis and carcinogenic. The focus of the HEATOX project, which is an international collaboration, is health risks recent...

Risk assessment of brominated flame-retardants as suspected endocrine disrupters for human and wildlife health
01/12/2002 - 31/05/2006
The project is an integrated approach of directed toxicological studies and exposure assessments to characterise the emerging human and wildlife health risks from brominates flame retardants (Bars) by endocrine disruption. The project consists of seven themes: 1) Selection of the...

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