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The European network for observing our changing planet
01/02/2016 - 31/01/2021

In the last decade a significant number of projects and programmes in different domains of environmental monitoring and Earth observation have generated a substantial amount of data and knowledge on different aspects related to environmental quality and sustainability. Big dat...

A framework for improving water resources data using hydraulic modelling
01/02/2016 - 01/02/2020

Water resources are threatened by human-induced changes such as pollution, climate change and over-exploitation. Reliable information about streamflow (discharge) is needed to manage these resources sustainably for essential societal applications such as flood def...

Solutions for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water
resources management
01/10/2013 - 30/09/2018

SOLUTIONS will deliver a conceptual framework for the evidence-based development of environmental and water policies. This will integrate innovative chemical and effect-based monitoring tools with a full set of exposure, effect and risk models and assessment options. Uniquely,...

Advanced tools for exposure assessment and biomonitoring
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2016

A-TEAM is a major co-ordinated supradisciplinary study. It seeks to develop understanding of a variety of aspects relatedto external and internal exposure to selected chemicals using a single, well-characterised human cohort (the "A-TEAM"). Its overriding hypothesis is that cu...

Indoor Contamination with Flame Retardant Chemicals: Causes and Impacts
01/01/2011 - 31/01/2014

The main research goal is a further understanding of how and to what extent flame retardant (FR) chemicals used in every-day consumer goods and construction materials enter humans and of the risk to health that such exposure presents. Our vision is that this enhanced understan...

Health Risks: Impacts on health in the Arctic and Europe owing to climate-induced changes in contaminant cycling
01/06/2009 - 30/11/2013
Long-range transport of contaminants to the Arctic, the resulting exposures observed in Arctic human populations, and impacts of such exposures on human health have been the subject of considerable work in recent years, providing a baseline against which to compare future develop...

Nordic Network for Research on Fluorinated Compounds
01/10/2010 - 30/09/2013
Nordic Network for Research on Fluorinated Compounds is a network of mainly Nordic scientists working with research on occurrence and adverse effects of a group of anthropogenic, persistent and environmentally hazardous polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC) of which PFOS (perfluoroocta...

Swedish Clean Air Research Program
01/01/2010 - 31/12/2012

The aim of the Swedish Clean Air Research Program (SCARP) is to increase the scientific
understanding of air pollution effects to human health and environment with the aim to support policy development in Sweden and Europe. We propose a six-year program, starting in 2006,...

Contaminant-specific isotope analyses as sharp environmental-forensics tools for site characterisation
01/02/2009 - 31/01/2012
Conventional remediation-monitoring programmes, i.e. analysis of contaminant and metabolite concentrations over time and space, often provide inconclusive assessments due to inability to resolve among mixing of several contaminant sources, degradation, dispersion and other redist...

Managing Forestry Impacts on Methylmercury Loading to Aquatic Ecosystems: Distinguishing site preparation from harvest effects
Mercury levels in pike and perch from Swedish lakes frequently exceed health recommendations for human consumption. Recent studies suggest that forest operations contribute significantly to this situation. The applicants found that one year after forest harvest on two entire catc...

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