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ERA-net: Climate impacts of short-lived pollutants in the Polar Regions
01/01/2010 - 31/12/2012
The CLIMSLIP vision is to understand the radiative forcing in the Arctic caused by Short-Lived Pollutants (SLPs) accurately enough to reliably guide climate policy. The overall CLIMSLIP aim is to reduce uncertainties of the impact of SLPs, particularly of Black Carbon (BC) ae...

Assessing Needs of Care In European Nations
01/01/2009 - 31/08/2012
The large post-war baby boom is now turning into a grandparent boom, putting a triple stress on long-term care (LTC) provisions: increased numbers of elderly, increased survival of these elderly and increased survival of frail, disabled elderly through improved care and health ca...

Poverty related Diseases College (International Programme on BioMedicine and Development)
01/07/2009 - 30/06/2012
To bridge the gap between the biological sciences, health and development in Africa, a consortium is created and named the PRD College, which proposes to reorganise and educate young African and European scientists to perform research, on poverty related and neglected diseases (P...

Keywords for Language Learning for Young and adults alike
01/11/2009 - 31/10/2011

This project aims at developing language learning word cards with a language's most frequent words corresponding to the European Framework. It will be developed for nine languages important for trade and associated countries, both LWUTL (Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, Polish) and ...

European Supersites for Atmospheric Aerosol Research
01/04/2006 - 31/03/2011
The objective of the project EUSAAR is the integration of measurements of atmospheric aerosol properties performed in a distributed network of 20 high quality European ground-based stations. This integration contributes to a sustainable and reliable operational service in support...

European climate of the last millennium
01/01/2006 - 30/06/2010
Millennium will answer one of the most critical questions in climate research: does the magnitude and rate of 20PthP Century climate change exceed the natural variability of European climate over the last millennium? Existing climate reconstructions rely on inadequate data and un...

Integrated design of catalytic nanomaterials for a sustainable production
01/04/2005 - 31/03/2010
The development of high-performance and conceptually innovative catalytic nanomaterials is crucial for industry and for Europe's sustainable future. In Europe, several excellent research teams exist in catalysis, but there is a significant fragmentation in the area due to separat...

Secondary Marine Aerosol Production from Natural Sources
15/09/2005 - 14/03/2009
Marine aerosol contributes significantly to the global radiative budget and consequently, changes in marine aerosol abundance and/or chemical composition will impact on climate change. Various climate feedback mechanisms have been proposed involving the sulphur, sea-salt, iodine ...

Atmospheric Composition Change: a European Network
01/03/2004 - 28/02/2009
Changes in atmospheric composition directly affect many aspects of life, determining climate, air quality and atmospheric inputs to ecosystems. In turn, these changes affect the fundamental necessities for human existence: human health, food production, ecosystem health and water...

European network of excellence for oceans ecosystems analysis
01/01/2005 - 31/12/2008
EUR-OCEANS aims to achieve lasting integration of European research organisations on global change and pelagic marine ecosystems, and to develop models for assessing and forecasting the impacts of climate and anthropogenic forcing on food-web dynamics (structure, functioning, div...

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