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Assessment of the European terrestrial carbon balance
01/01/2004 - 31/12/2008
The overarching aim of the CarboEurope-IP is to understand, quantify and predict the terrestrial carbon balance of Europe and the uncertainty at local, regional and continental scale. This is achieved by (1) executing a strategically focussed set of surface based ecological measu...

Hydrogen Storage Research Training Network
01/01/2005 - 31/12/2008
HYTRAIN integrates the leading centres in Europe active in hydrogen storage research within a coherent framework of dedicated networking activities focused on the training of young researchers through a joint innovative research programme. The core research objectives of HYTRAIN ...

Quantification of Aerosol Nucleation in the European Boundary Layer
01/12/2001 - 31/08/2005
The purpose of QUEST is to quantify aerosol nucleation in the European boundary layer atmosphere. Continuous measurements and intensive field campaigns will be carried out in three different locations: Boreal (Finland), polluted Southern European (Italy), and coastal (Ireland). P...

The Airborne Platform for Earth observation Infrastructure
01/01/2002 - 31/12/2003
The Airborne Platform for Earth observation Infrastructure (APE-INFRA) is a programme set up to manage the upgrading of the Geophysical, the only stratospheric aircraft available for the European scientific community, and to perform a scientific demonstration campaign. In this pr...

Joint European Ocean Drilling Initiative
01/09/2001 - 31/12/2003
The Joint European Ocean Drilling Initiative (JEODI) aims to bring a distinctive European component to a new era of scientific ocean drilling due to commence in Autumn 2003. This TN brings together all the major member states involved in scientific ocean drilling. The TN-plan wil...

Role of mucosal immunity for protection against tuberculosis
01/02/2000 - 31/01/2003
A vaccine substantially better than systemically-given BCG is need for the control of tuberculosis. To achieve this goal we propose to evaluate the potential of nasal vaccination against the infection of lungs which are part of the mucosal immune system. Active immunisation with ...

ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences.

The life sciences are undergoing a transformation. Modern experimental tools study the molecules, reactions, and organisation of life in unprecedented detail. The precipitous drop in costs for high-throughput biology has enabled European research laboratories to produce an eve...

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