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Novel biocontrol agents for insect pests from neuroendocrinology
01/06/2015 - 31/05/2019

Insects are the most diverse Class of life on earth, and different insects can be essential for, or highly damaging to, agriculture, horticulture and forestry. There is a pressing need, not just for new insecticides to combat resistance, but more specific, “greener” insecticid...

Changing families and sustainable societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations
01/02/2013 - 31/01/2017
The main objectives of this project are to investigate the diversity of family forms, relationships, and life courses in Europe; to assess the compatibility of existing policies with these changes; and to contribute to evidence-based policy-making. The project will extend our kno...

Innovative Social and Employment Policies for Inclusive and Resilient Labour Markets in Europe
01/12/2013 - 30/06/2016

The INSPIRES project aims to contribute to resilient and inclusive labour markets in Europe. It comparatively assesses the resilience and inclusiveness of labour markets in European countries, it identifies innovative policies that have contributed to resilience and inclusiven...

Reconciling between Work and Welfare Europe
01/10/2006 - 30/09/2011
The paramount objective of RECWOWE is to create a new, tightly integrated and durable European research network capable of overcoming the fragmentation of existing research on questions of work and welfare. RECWOWE will integrate existing research activities on two levels. By ado...

Development and application of biomarkers of dietary exposure to genotoxic and immunitoxic chemicals and of biomarkers of early effects, using mother-child birth cohorts and biobanks
01/02/2006 - 31/01/2011
NewGeneris will test the hypothesis that maternal exposure to dietary compounds with carcinogenic and iimunotoxic properties results in uterus exposure and molecular events in the unborn child leading to increased risk of cancer and immune disorders in later childhood. Biomarkers...

Integrated design of catalytic nanomaterials for a sustainable production
01/04/2005 - 31/03/2010
The development of high-performance and conceptually innovative catalytic nanomaterials is crucial for industry and for Europe's sustainable future. In Europe, several excellent research teams exist in catalysis, but there is a significant fragmentation in the area due to separat...

Optimisation and pre-validation of an in vitro test strategy for predicting human acute toxicity
01/01/2005 - 31/12/2009
Validated alternative test methods are urgently required for safety toxicology of drugs, chemicals and cosmetics. Both REACH and 7th amendment of Cosmetics Directive call for the broad replacement of animal experiments on a short-term. While some animal tests for topical toxicity...

Understanding effects of land use changes on ecosystems to halt loss of biodiverity due to habitat destruction, fragmentation and degradation
01/11/2006 - 30/04/2009
To stop biodiversity declines and meet future challenges, a better understanding is needed on how biodiversity is affected by historic and current land use changes. In the COCONUT project we will (1) gather existing and new data on both historic and current species richness and l...

Assessing large-scale environmental risks with tested methods
01/02/2004 - 31/01/2009
Based on a better understanding of terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functioning ALARM will develop and test methods and protocols for the assessment of large-scale environmental risks in order to minimise negative direct and indirect human impacts. Research w...

European Isotope Separation On-Line Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
01/02/2005 - 31/01/2009
Following the results and recommendations of the EURISOL RTD conceptual design study performed within FP5, the "EURISOL DS" design study aims to carry out detailed engineering-oriented studies and technical prototyping work for the next-generation ISOL Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) ...

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