Prof Torbjörn Åkerstedt

Phone: +46 8 5537 8947


Director of the Stress Research Institute

PhD in Psychology

Research profile/Current work
I am a professor and director of the Stress Research Institute, where I also lead a research group that focuses on stress, sleep and recovery, in particular on the role of sleep in fatigue regulation. It also includes preventive measures such as stress management, sleep advice and alertness-enhancing measures. My research areas is mainly, sleep regulation, stress and sleep, sleep quality, hours of work and health, sleepiness and security, and the nature of drowsiness.

Altered sleep/wake patterns and circadian rhythms. Laboratory and field studies of sympathoadrenomedeullary and related variables. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica. 1979, Suppl 469.

- Sleep Research Society
- European Sleep Research Society
- Swedish Psychologists Union
- Swedish Medical Society
- Deputy Editor of journal of Sleep Research and Associate Editor of Biological Psychology and Sleep Medicine Reviews.

Selected publication

Åkerstedt, T., M. Ingre, et al. (2010). Reaction of sleepiness indicators to partial sleep deprivation, time of day and time on task in a driving simulator - the DROWSI project. Journal of Sleep Research 19(2): 298-309.

Åkerstedt, T., M. Nordin, et al. (2010). Sleep and sleepiness: impact of entering or leaving shiftwork - a prospective study. Chronobiology International 27(5): 987-996.

Ekstedt, M., M. Soderstrom, et al. (2009). Sleep physiology in recovery from burnout. BiologicalPsychology 82(3): 267-273.

Åkerstedt, T., G. Kecklund, et al. (2009). Sleep homeostasis during repeated sleep restriction and recovery: support from EEG dynamics. Sleep 32(2): 217-222.

Åkerstedt, T., G. Kecklund, et al. (2007). Impaired sleep after bedtime stress and worries. Biological Psychology 76(3): 170-173.

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    Stockholm stress center
    01/01/2009 - 31/12/2019
    Svensk sammanfattning

    Stockholm Stress Center är ett tvärvetenskapligt centrum för forskning om arbetsrelaterad stress och hälsa. Centret finansieras genom ett anslag på 50 miljoner kronor under tio år från Forskningsrådet f&...

    Stress, sleep and long term health effects
    01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014
    Svensk sammanfattning

    Detta projekt kommer att innehålla en rad studier av såväl de separata som de kombinerade effekterna av sömn och stress i relation till orsakande av metabola och andra sjukdomar (inklusive cancer). I studierna används bl...

    Sleepiness in women - the prospecitive relation with physiological sleep and aging
    01/01/0012 - 31/12/2014
    Svensk sammanfattning

    Sömnstörningar förekommer oftare hos kvinnor än hos män och ökar med ökad ålder. Sömnighet/trötthet är den vanligaste effekten av otillräcklig sömn liksom försämrat minne ...

    Sleep, stress and the working brain
    01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014
    Svensk sammanfattning

    Vi börjar nu lära oss hur effekterna av sömn och stress påverkar hjärnans fungerande. Projektet innehåller flera studier som fokuserar på hur stress och sömn tillsammans påverkar hjärnans funkt...

    Collaborating with

    Lowden, Arne


    PhD in Psychology 1999. Accredited sleep specialist 2010.

    Research profile/Current work

    I work as a sleep-and stress rese...

    Theorell, Töres

    Scientific advisor

    MD PhD Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. I am a physician who defended my dissertation in 1971 at the Karolinska Institute with my thesis on Life events in rela...



    Division of Biological psychology and treatment research

    Our research division is focused on sleep and recovery associated with stress. The main idea is that stress/load gives long-term effects only when recovery is disturbed. The emphasis is on recovery processes as reflected in the activity of the central nervous system (such as d...

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