Dr Auli Arvola Orlander

Email: auli.arvola.orlander@mnd.su.se
Address: Department of Mathematics and Science EducationStockholm University, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


A great part of my professional life I have been involved in various issues in the school world. With a background as a teacher and later as a teacher educator, educational consultant, etc. I have been in contact with practice-related issues in the field. I have been involved in various research and development projects within the school and nursery, all in close collaboration with principals and practicing teachers. What really engages me are the gender issues in education. Right now I’m involved in a research project called “Images of Femininity and Masculinity in the Classroom: A Feminist Philosophical Inquiry into the Subjects of Religion, Science Studies, and Swedish”. The overall aim is to analyse philosophically the ways in which images of femininity and masculinity are constructed as they appear in the curriculum, as well as in the teaching-learning environments of six different classrooms from two different upper secondary level schools. Project it funded by the Swedish Research Council. In 2011 I defended my thesis ”Body at Stake. Discursive Tensions in Secondary School Biology Teaching” in Stockholm University. In 2012 the article “Bodily Experiences in Secondary School Biology” awarded a price in Cultural Studies in Science Education as “the most innovative, creative and thought provoking paper from Volume 6“. Steven Alsop (2012) wrote about the article as follows: ”(…) delightful article, I am drawn to learningfrom rambunctious adolescents and their wildly effervescent encounters with secondary school biology. I am intrigued as to how they might help us rethink our pedagogical and epistemological practices in science education through the ‘body that we care for’.” In 2013 - 2014 I spent a six month postdoc period in the Department of Teacher Eduation at Helsinki University, Finland. Besides working with my own research project I established new contacts with interesting people and research projects in Finland. Now I’m back working as a senior lecturer in the Departement of Mathematics and Science Education at Stockholm University. Examples of publications:
  • Orlander Arvola, A (2012) “What if we were in a test tube” Students’ gendered meaning making during a biology lesson about the basic facts of the human genitals. DOI 10.1007/s11422-012-9430-2. Cultural Studies of Science Education
  • Orlander Arvola, A & Lundqvist, I (2012) ‘It’s Her Body’. When Students’ Argumentation Shows Displacement of Content in Science Classroom. Research in Science Education (42), 1121-1145.
  • Orlander Arvola, A (2011) The Body at Stake. Discursive Tensions in Secondary School Biology Teaching [Med kroppen som insats. Diskursiva spänningsfält i biologiundervisning på högstadiet.] Dissertation. Stockholm: Stockholms universitet.
  • Orlander Arvola, A. & Wickman, P.-O. (2011) Bodily Experiences in Secondary School Biology. Cultural Studies in Science Education, 6(3), 569-594.


Sexualundervisning utifrån ett normkritiskt perspektiv

Det här är ett samarbetsprojekt mellan Anna-Karin Fridolfsson, gymnasielärare i biologi och Auli Arvola Orlander, Stockholms universitet, som också agerar som projektledare. Projektet tar avstamp i gymnasiets läroplan där undervisningen ska behan...

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My research focuses on cultural perspectives on science education and conditions for students’...

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