Prof Uno Fors

Phone: +468 674 7479
Address: Forum 100, 16440 Kista, Sweden


Keywords: Virtual encounters, Virtual patients, Simulation, Learning, Assessment, Rehabilitation, Healthcare informatics

Uno Fors is professor in IT and Learning at DSV with research focus on Simulation and Visualization for learning and assessment. He is especially focused on virtual patients and other virtual encounters for learning in eg. law, teacher education etc. Fors has published more than 150 research publications and has been leading several international and national research projects within these fields. Simulation systems like Web-SP created by Fors is used worldwide in different research projects and education.

Current projects include Refugee trauma virtual cases (with KI and Harvard), Simulation based rehab for domestic violence offenders, Virtual cases for healthcare, law and teacher education as well as Emotional engagement in simulation systems.

Before joining SU, Fors was for many years chairman of the dept. LIME and professor in medical educational simulation at Karolinska Institutet.

Fors is also active in research in healthcare informatics, including decision support, electronic health records and simulation tools for diagnosis and rehabilitation in psychology, psychiatry and domestic violence.

Other functions
  • Vice head of department
  • Chairman of the associate professor (docent) board at SamFak of SU

CV (pdf / 28936)
Publications (pdf / 83444)


Refugee Trauma
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