PhD student Britta Zetterström Geschwind

Phone: 08-6747925


My thesis deals with how the National History Museum in Stockholm has viewed the public mission between 1943 - 2013. The point of departure is that the museum is a network for creating meaning, which is shaped by being negotiated, staged and embodied in a variety of public spaces, material and contexts. I am interested in how the disparate parts of the museum act as a whole and shape the museum as a public institution. Special interrest is given to the museum shop, entrence and "childrens space". The study connects to a wide field of research concerning museums and cultural heritage policy. Inspired by Actor-network Theory, Michel Foucault, and Doreen Massey, the ambition is to explore how different contexts, material and historical events work together to shape the democratic, public institution.

Principal supervisor in Birgitta Svensson, Section of Ethnology, Assistant supervisor is Inga Sanner, History of Ideas Interests Authenticity; use of history; cultural heritage processes; materiality;

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