Dr Preben Hansen

Email: preben@dsv.su.se
Address: Forum 100, 164 40 Kista, Sweden


I received my Ph.D. from Tampere University, at the School of Information Sciences . My thesis, titled "Task-Based Information Seeking and Retrieval in the Patent Domain. Processes and Relationships", was done under the supervision of Professor Kalervo Järvelin. Link: (http://tampub.uta.fi/handle/10024/66773)

Research Interests:
- Collaborative Information Seeking and Retrieval
- Technology Enhanced learning (TEL)
- Task-based IS&R and Contextual approaches to Information Access.
- User- and Usage studies, Use Cases and Evaluation.


Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes
24/04/2014 - 25/04/2017
There is no escape from the expansion of information, so that structuring and locating meaningful knowledge becomes ever more difficult. This project will tackle this urgent problem using the unique networking and capacity-building features provided by the COST framework. For the...

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