Dr Gunnar Linder

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My PhD centered around the concepts tradition and transmission, and how a tradition can be constructed. As material I used a traditional music genre and its instrument, the bamboo flute shakuhachi. The thesis is downloadable through the digital archive (DiVA) of Stockholm University.Presently I am involved in two research projects. One is about the Floating World, the entertainment district Yoshiwara in Edo, and I am writing one chapter about the music that relates to this subculture. The other one is directed towards popular cultures in Asia and their soft power.I also have one research project of my own, which deals with the song texts of a music genre of the Edo period.

For those interested in the Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi, please refer to my homepage at www.shakuhachi.bz

List of Publications (pdf / 181255)


“The Music of the Edo Period; Theatre and Popular Music” in The Floating World: Entertainment And Popular Culture In Edo-Time Japan
- 01/12/2014
(Sw: “Edo-periodens musik; Teatermusik och populärmusik” i Den Flytande Världen: nöjesliv och populärkultur i Edo-tidens Japan).
Book to be published in Swedish and English in 2014. Co-authors are Associate Professor Ulla Wagner (head of the ...

Working title: The Edo-period katei ongaku: Song Texts in the Genre jiuta-sōkyoku.
The aim of this study is to analyse a number of song texts in the genre jiuta-sōkyoku, a kind of "at-home-music" that was popular during the Edo period, and still has a vast audience and many practitioners in Japan. This genre has also began to gain a wider popularity in the West...

“Performativity within Japanese Music: Tradition, Forms, and Hierarchies as Means of Expression and Value System”
This is my part of a much larger research project with the title ASIAN PROVOCATIONS: THE SOFT POWER OF POPULAR CULTURE. The aim of my project – “Performativity within Japanese Music: Tradition, Forms, and Hierarchies as Means of Expression and Value System” &nda...

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