Dr Johanna Mesch

Email: johanna.mesch@ling.su.se
Address: Department of Linguistics, Sign Language Section Stockholm University, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


I am an Associate Professor (docent) in sign language linguistics and Head of the Sign Language Section of the Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University. During 2009–2011, I was the principal investigator for a three-year project to set up a corpus of Swedish Sign Language, financed by a grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Nowadays, I am co-PI for a three-year project "Från
tal till tecken – att lära sig Svenskt teckenspråk som andraspråk" [From speech
to sign – to learn Swedish Sign Language as a second language] with Dr. Krister Schönström, financed by by a grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsbank 2017–2019.

More information about the Swedish Sign Language corpus is available at our homepage (http://www.ling.su.se/teckensprakskorpus). During 2009-2010, I was a member of the Sign Linguistics Corpora Network (http://www.ru.nl/slcn/) research group, a three-year project funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Part of my work is teaching sign linguistics.

My research interests include tactile signing, cross linguistic comparisons of signed languages, signed poetry, and I also look forward to many corpus-based studies. I am also involved in the work team of lexicographic work of Swedish Sign Language at our Department, teckensprakslexikon.su.se

I serve as a visiting professor at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Florianopólis, Brazil, in August-October 2018.

Some of my ongoing projects:

Svensk teckenspråkskorpus - Swedish Sign Language Corpus, i.e. project leading and annotation work

Corpus-based studies of backchannel signals and the buoy DELIMITER

Gemensamt teckenrum i taktilt samtal mellan två personer med dövblindhet, Signing space in tactile signing for persons with acquired deafblindness (Mo Gårds Forskningsfond)

Korpus i svenskt teckenspråk som andraspråk - Corpus of Swedish Sign Language as L2

Towards the investigation of rhythm in the sentences of Finnish and Swedish Sign Language

Syntactic annotation as a part of Swe-Clarin

Transitivity of Swedish Sign Language verbs https://asam2018.wordpress.com/

Calendric Terms in Swedish Sign Language http://ujkn.ff.cuni.cz/en/research/calendric-terms/

I has been one of the board members managing the new BA program in sign language and interpreting at Stockholm University 2013–2017. I am also vice-chair in Sign Language Linguistics Society 2013–2019. SLLS is the link between researchers on sign languages. It is responsible for running the international conference on sign linguistics, TISLR (next TISLR in Hamburg 2019).

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Gemensamt teckenrum i taktilt samtal mellan två personer med dövblindhet
07/01/2013 - 31/12/2015
Gemensamt teckenrum i taktilt samtal mellan två personer med dövblindhet,
Signing space in tactile signing for persons with acquired deafblindness (finansierat av Mo Gårds Forskningsfond)

Projektet syftar till att undersö...

Andraspråksinlärning för teckenspråk - Collaboration on the Cross-Linguistic L2 Corpus
13/01/2014 - 30/06/2014
Samarbetet syftar till att initiera ny forskning kring andraspråksinlärning av ett tecknat språk. Vid Stockholms universitet kan man inom bl.a. det nystartade utbildningen kandidatprogrammet i teckenspråk och tolkning läsa svenskt teckenspråk som...

Teckenspråk i ord och rörlig bild
01/09/2012 - 01/09/2013
Målet med projektet Teckenspråk i ord och rörlig bild är ta tillvara de möjligheter som tekniken inom IT och media erbjuder för teckenspråksstudier och forskning i teckenspråk vid Stockholms universitet. De tre huvudområden som ha...

Towards the investigation of the rhythm of sentences of Finnish and Swedish Sign Language
The investigation of the rhythm of sentences is one part of Tommi Jantunen's projcet Aspects of the Grammar and Prosody of Finnish Sign Language (ProGram). Here we are looking at signs and sentences if there is a difference in the signing rhythm of Finnish SL and Swedish SL.

The Swedish Sign Language Corpus
Wide-ranging corpus work is indispensable both to dictionary work in Swedish Sign Language and to extended research into the structure and use of sign language. The aim of the project is to begin to create the necessary conditions for long-term work on a Swedish Sign Language cor...

Collaborating with

Schönström, Krister

I am an associate professor/senior lecturer in the Swedish as a second language for the deaf section of the department, and I also serve as section head.

My research interests are mainly in bilingualism and multilingualism among the deaf and hard-of-hearing, with a focus...


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