PhD student Diego Galafassi

Mobile: + 46 768 75 67 41


Diego's research is centered in a network perspective of dynamic social-ecological systems. In his PhD he is exploring how transformations can be studied from a social-ecological network perspective. His current research seeks to understand networked dependencies and how they define network configurations.

In the course of his PhD Diego will also explore cognitive dimensions of social-ecological systems and the role of mental models in defining systems' trajectories. His methodological approach combines statistical network analysis, lab experiments, interviews and simulation modeling.

Diego is a member of the cluster Adaptive Governance in Ekoklim program - a transdisciplinary research program at Stockholm University that addresses issues concerning climate effects on biodiversity, ecosystem services and their management and governance in Stockholm region.

Prior to Ekoklim, Diego collaborated with Tim Daw on the project Participatory Modeling of Wellbeing Trade-offs in Coastal Kenya.

Diego has a MSc on Environmental Science at Bologna University with thesis work on watershed modeling in Tunisia in collaboration with SEI. He also completed a MSc at the Stockholm Resilience Centre looking at urban regional planning in Urban Stockholm Region from a network perspective.

In addition to his PhD, Diego works for Art-Science Spaces at SRC.

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