Prof Ryszard Szulkin


Ryszard Szulkin received his doctorate from Stockholm University 1989. He is professor of sociology at Stockholm University and researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies.

His research deals with how social stratification and inequality is created in the educational system and in the labor market. During the previous years, he has focused on the mechanisms at the establishment level that generate gender and ethnical differences in labor market-related outcomes. Recently, he has accomplished a series of studies dealing with how social and ethnical segregation influences school progress, labor market careers and crime levels of children of immigrants and children of Swedish background.

Three recently published works:
  • (2009) “Familjen förorten och framtiden” in Christine Roman & Lars Udehn (ed.) Från klass till organisation. Lund: Liber. (together with Martin Hällsten).
  • (2010) “Ethnic Environment During Childhood and the Educational Attainment of Immigrant Children in Sweden”. Social Forces March 2010. (together with Magnus Bygren)
  • (2013) “Crime As A Price Of Inequality? The Gap in Registered Crime between Childhood Immigrants, Children of Immigrants and Children of Native Swedes” (together with Martin Hällsten and Jerzy Sarnecki). British Journal of Criminology.
Three frequently cited works:
  • (1999) ”Wages and Unequal Access to Organizational Power: An Empirical Test of Gender Discrimination” Administrative Science Quarterly vol. 44, 453-472. (together with Mia Hultin).
  • (2002) ”Permanent Disadvantage or Gradual Integration: Explaining the Immigrant-Native Earnings Gap in Sweden”, Labor, vol 16, nr 1 (37-64). (together with Carl le Grand).
  • (2003) ”Mechanisms of Inequality: Unequal Access to Organizational Power and the Gender Wage Gap”, European Sociological Review, vol. 19 nr.2 (143-159). (together with Mia Hultin).


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