Dr Krister Schönström

Email: schonstrom@ling.su.se
Address: Department of LinguisticsStockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


I am an associate professor/senior lecturer in the Swedish as a second language for the deaf section of the department, and I also serve as section head.

My research interests are mainly in bilingualism and multilingualism among the deaf and hard-of-hearing, with a focus on language learning by the deaf and hard-of-hearing i.e. how they learn and develop their languages, e.g. Swedish and Swedish Sign Language (SSL), from a bimodal-bilingual perspective. I am specifically interested in the study of language acquisition that involves a visual base for learning. My PhD dissertation (completed 2010) investigated the development of sign bilingualism with respect to deaf children in school, with a primary focus on the grammatical development of their written Swedish.

Other interesting areas within the field of deaf bilingualism in which I have previously conducted research include language proficiency and language assessment. I have experience in developing various SSL tests. In 2002, I participated as a team member in modifying The Test of American Sign Language (TASL) was modified for SSL. I was also responsible for developing an SSL version of the ASL-SRT in 2013, in cooperation with Dr. Peter Hauser of Rochester Institute of Technology, USA.

My current projects include studies on the written Swedish of deaf and hard-of-hearing children from a linguistic perspective. In recent years, I have expanded my research to include second language (L2) acquisition with respect to Swedish Sign Language. Dr. Johanna Mesch and I worked together in 2013 to develop a corpus of Swedish Sign Language as an L2, for which we collected data from hearing L2 signers on a longitudinal basis. This was part of an international cross-linguistic collaboration between Stockholm University, Trinity College, Dublin, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that included Irish Sign Language as an L2 and American Sign Language as an L2, as well.

My main teaching domains include Bilingualism, Second language acquisition, Grammar, Translation Swedish - Sign Language, Text analysis and Text production.


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Mesch, Johanna

I am an Associate Professor (docent) in sign language linguistics and Head of the Sign Language Section of the Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University. During 2009–2011, I was the principal investigator for a three-year project to set up a corpus of Swedish Sign Langua...


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