Prof Jens Rydgren


Jens Rydgren is Professor of Sociology. His main areas of interests are political sociology and ethnic relations. Previous research projects include studies of radical right-wing parties in Europe; local elite networks; and beliefs and belief formation. Current research projects include studies of the role of personal networks and social capital for the life chances of young adults in Sweden; social networks effects on immigration-related attitudes; ethnic relations in Northern Iraq; and social explanations of fanaticism. [For more information, see Prof. Rydgren's personal homepage:]

Three recent publications
  • Rydgren, J., Sofi, D. and Hällsten, M. 2013. "Interethnic Friendship, Trust, and Tolerance: Findings from Two North Iraqi Cities." American Journal of Sociology 118(6). (Forthcoming)
  • Rydgren, J. and Ruth, P. 2013. "Contextual Explanations of Radical Right-Wing Support in Sweden: Socioeconomic Marginalization, Group Threat, and the Halo Effect." Ethnic and Racial Studies 36(4): 711-728.
  • Edling, C.R., Farkas, G.M. and Rydgren, J. 2013. "Women in Power? Sex Differences in Local Elite Networks." Acta Sociologica 56(1): 21-40.
Three often cited publications
  • Rydgren, J. 2005. "Is Extreme Right-wing Populism Contagious?Explaining the Emergence of a New Party Family." European Journal of Political Research 44: 413-437.
  • Rydgren, J. 2007. "The Sociology of the Radical Right." Annual Review of Sociology 33: 241-262.
  • Rydgren, J. 2008. "Immigration Sceptics, Xenophobes, or Racists? Radical Right-wing Voting in SixWest European Countries." European Journal of Political Research 47:737-765.

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Radical Right-wing Parties in Europe: A Comparative Study
01/01/2017 - 31/12/2020

The purpose of this research project is to conduct a comparative study
of radical right-wing parties in Europe. The general aim is to identify
factors that explain why such parties have succeeded in some countries,
while largely failing in others. There will be a special...

Individual Life Chances in Social Context — A Longitudinal Multi-Methods Perspective on Social Constraints and Opportunities
01/01/2011 - 31/12/2016
This project focuses contextual factors explaining differences in young adults life chances in a longitudinal perspective. By life chances we mean the structural contexts influencing choices and behavior with consequences for education, labor market situation, health, and crimina...

Immigration, Xenophobia, and Radical Right-wing Populism
01/01/2010 - 31/12/2012
This project investigates the link between xenophobia and other immigration-negative attitudes and the electoral strength of radical right-wing (RRP) parties. The general aim is to explain (1) why certain categories of voters are more likely to vote for RRP parties than other vot...

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