PhD student Erika Baraldi

Address: Department of Special Education, Stockholm University, S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


My research subject is within the multi-professional field of intervention programs for Extreme Preterm children in interaction with their caregivers. The aim of the intervention is to promote the executive functions of the child and in the long-term perspective provide the Extreme Preterm child with optimal conditions for learning and health when growing up. My principal supervisor is professor Mara Westling Allodi from the department of Special Education Stockholm University and assistant supervisor is professor Ann-Charlotte Smedler from the department of Psychology Stockholm University.

I have worked as a clinical Psychologist since 2008 within various fields, such as forensic psychotherapy, organizational psychology and currently at the child- and adolescent psychiatry in Stockholm. My main interests are developmental issues of small children and multi-professional solutions and challenges where psychiatry interacts with somatic conditions.

Collaborating with

Westling Allodi, Mara

Mara Westling Allodi researches and teaches in the field of Special Education. She was awarded a PhD in Education in 2002 at Stockholm University, for a thesis with the title: Support and resistance: ambivalence in Special Education. Her main research interests are the...

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