PhD student Hampus Bejnö

Address: Department of Special Education, Stockholm University, S-10691 Stockholm, Sweden


My research revolves around children with autism and the primary purpose of my PhD project is to improve program quality for preschool children with an autism spectrum disorder through a competency based model. The project consists of two studies, the aim of the first study is to evaluate, modify and culturally adapt the Autism Program Environmental Rating Scale-Preschool - APERS-PE to the Swedish support system. The aim of the second study is to test whether the proposed competency based model will improve the quality of educational programs for learners with ASD. My principal supervisor is professor Lise Roll-Pettersson from the department of Special Education at Stockholm University and assistant supervisor is professor Sven Bölte from the department of Women's and Children's Health at Karolinska Institutet.

I have previously worked as a clinical psychologist within the psychiatry, and my academic and professional interests include neurodevelopmental disorders as well as behavioral psychology; learning theory, applied behavioral analysis, etc.

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