PhD student Maria Glad

Address: Department of Special Education, Stockholm University, S-10691 Stockholm, Sweden


My research takes place within research group Special education and young children which has focus on young children's welfare, learning and development, and the need for developing a proactive and interactive inclusive learning environment for all children. Previous research shows that children with different kind of disabilities are at risk of becoming less involved in free play situations, and that they may have fewer opportunities for interaction of playing with other children. These circumstances may constitute obstacles to children's life quality and development. The removal of these barriers is an important special educational task for Swedish preschools. The purpose with my thesis is to investigate the practices of specific educative programs implemented to promote play and social interaction for children with special educational needs and their peers, in Swedish inclusive preschool settings.

I have worked as a social pedagogue since 1996 mainly in preschools, special schools and health and social care. Since 2011 I'm working as an advisor for compulsory school for learning disabilities in a municipality in the north of Stockholm. My main interest regarding research is to link the theoretical understanding of a child's cognitive development as determined by an interaction between social relations, environmental contexts and biological conditions, with the actions taken and policies formulated within the broader field of education.

Collaborating with

Westling Allodi, Mara

Mara Westling Allodi researches and teaches in the field of Special Education. She was awarded a PhD in Education in 2002 at Stockholm University, for a thesis with the title: Support and resistance: ambivalence in Special Education. Her main research interests are the...

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