Dr Gabriel Jonsson

Email: Gabriel.Jonsson@su.se
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Phone: 46-8-162510
Address: Stockholm University, Department of Oriental Languages, Kräftriket 4, Roslagsvägen 101, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


As a long-time observer of Korea, I began to learn Korean in 1983. Following my degree at the East Asian Studies Programme in 1987, I began my PhD studies the same year. I have also studied Korean at Yonsei University in Seoul 1985 and 1986 and have regularly visited South Korea during the past 30 years. After having defended my thesis Shipbuilding in South Korea: A Comparative Study in 1996 my research has focused on inter-Korean relations, domestic South Korean politics and the two Koreas' relations with the UN. Besides politics, economics, Korean history and inter-Korean relations, I also teach Korean language. My present research project is "The State of Human Rights in South Korea" that investigates whether human rights have been respected or not since the 1987 democratization movement. The issue will be investigated on the basis of the 1987 Constitution as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN general Assembly in 1948. The study will also include the National Security Law from 1948 that has been widely criticized for curtailing political freedom.

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The consequences of South Korea's membership in the UN
South Korea finally became member of the UN in 1991 after having wished to become member ever since the division of Korea in 1948. North Korea became UN member at the same time. The purpose of this monograph is to on the basis of international relations theory investigate what th...

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