Dr Francesca Di Garbo

Email: francesca@ling.su.se
Phone: +46-8-16 31 56
Address: Stockholms universitetInstitutionen för lingvistik, SE – 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


My main interest within Linguistics is the study of linguistic diversity, and its distribution and development over time. I am especially interested in noun classification systems, indexation/agreement, nominal number, evaluative morphology, morphological typology, morphological complexity, grammaticalization theory, language change and language contact. During my Ph.D. studies I have also become interested in African linguistics as well as in methodological issues concerning language sampling and in the development of relational databases for linguistic typology.
My dissertation (http://su.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2:738318&dswid=-2119) is a typological investigation of interactions between gender and number, and gender and evaluative morphology in a sample of 100 African languages and provides a method to assess the role that these interactions play in the absolute complexity of gender systems.


Disentangling the interaction among gender, number and evaluative markers
The main purpose of this project is to carry out a typological investigation of the interrelations among three grammatical domains: gender, number and evaluative markers. Cross-linguistic evidence of the ways in which such grammatical domains interact with each other both synchro...

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