Dr Jonas Larson

Email: Jonas.Larson@fysik.su.se
Address: Department of Physics, Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


Since 2010 I'm an assistant professor (financed by VR-Vetenskapsrådet) in the condensed matter theory group at Stockholm University. I did my PhD 2006 in the group of Stig Stenholm and thereby I have my background in quantum optics. My first postdoc was in the group of Maciej Lewenstein at ICFO in Barcelona. After two years at ICFO I became a fellow at NORDITA in Stockholm. Complete CV can be found attached.

My research interests include a broad range of topics but all of them related to quantum theory: quantum optics, quantum many-body physics, quantum information, and quantum chaos. More recently I have especially worked on ultracold atoms in optical lattices and how it is used to simulate quantum magnetism, synthetic gauge fields in cold gases or in quantum optical systems, chaos and how it relates to quantum thermalization, and open quantum systems and continuous quantum measurements. See attached pdf for a list of publications or the arXiv website.

For more information you’re welcome to my personal webpage.

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Controlling the quantum with cold atoms
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2017
Kvantmekaniska mång-partikelmodeller kan bli extremt komplicerade och dessutom svåra att simulera på en dator. Dessa teorier återfinns ofta inom kondenserad materiefysik eller högenergifysik. De fysikaliska system som beskrivs av dessa modeller ä...

Quantum simulators: mimicking condensed matter physics via quantum optics
01/01/2010 - 31/12/2013
Kvantsimulatorer: simulering av modeller inom kondenserade materians fysik via kvantoptik. Inom fysiken beskriver vi förändringar i naturen med hjälp av ett antal ekvationer. Förståelsen av dessa rörelseekvationer ligger till grund för en djupa...

Quantum states of bosons in optical lattices
01/01/2010 - 31/12/2012
Systems of neutral atoms trapped in optical lattices has proved to be a uniquely flexible tool to engineer correlated quantum states in a laboratory. In this project we plan to explore quantum states of bosons in optical lattices with a special focus on situations where the syste...

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