Dr Anna Broman

Email: anna.broman@specped.su.se
Address: Department of Special Education, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


Anna Broman works as a senior lecturer at the Department of Special Education at Stockholm University. She has a PhD in Psychology, Psychological Institute (Russian Academy of Education), Russia, 2012. Her research focuses on sign mediation and modeling in education, it is based on Lev Vygotsky's cultural-historical theory and D.B.Elkonin- V.V.Davydov's theory of developmental education.Publications:
  • Egorova A.A. (2006) Modeling as a condition for creating sensible hypotheses in adolescents (using living creatures organization and functioning hypotheses as an example). Cultural-Historical Psychology, № 2, pp. 105–117.
  • Egorova A.A. (2009) Phenomena of Mastering The Mode of Action. Cultural-Historical Psychology, № 1.
  • Egorova A.A. (2010) Construction of Situation of the Own Action: Mode of Action and Intention. Cultural-Historical Psychology, № 3, pp. 18–28.
  • Egorova A.A., Elkonin B.D. (2010) Intention and the Mode of Action: Conditions for Correlating. Mediation.Action. Development B. D. Elkonin (Ed.) Izhevsk : ERGO. 280 p. ISBN 978-5-98904-078-0.

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