Dr Göran Kecklund

Email: goran.kecklund@su.se
Phone: +46 8 5537 8912


Deputy Division Manager, Researcher


PhD in Psychology in 1997, accredited sleep specialist 2009

Research profile/current work
I work as a sleep-and stress researcher and my research profile is working hours, health, safety and fatigue. I am also an accredited sleep specialist since 1 March 2009.

My research has been focused on how shift work affects sleep and wakefulness ability and what possible consequences the disturbed sleep may have on health and safety. The applied research has its theoretical basis in sleep regulation and some recently published laboratory experiments have investigated how partial sleep deprivation affects sleepiness, performance and physiological quality of sleep. In recent years, the working time research has focused on working time models, which involves varying degrees of self-selected working hours. Another of my research fields is about how stress affects sleep and if sleep mediates the relationship between stress and health. I have also participated in several studies of fatigue in traffic. My teaching includes the psychology program at the Karolinska Institute, but I have also lectured at different working time seminars, e.g. for health care staff and police officers. I am an Associate Editor for the journal Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health and have been part of the organizing committee of several major scientific meetings and congresses. I have also been engaged as an expert by the National Accident Committee, LO-TCO Law Review, the National Police Board, SBU, and several trade unions. I am a director of the Swedish Traffic Medical Association.

Sleep and alertness: effects of shift work, early rising, and the sleep environment, 1996, Department of Psychology, Stockholm University

- European Sleep Research Society
- Working Time Society
- Swedish Society of Medicine
- American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Selected publications
Sandberg D, Anund A, Fors C, Kecklund G, Karlsson J G, Wahde M, Åkerstedt T. The characteristics of sleepiness during real driving at night - a study of driving performance, physiology and subjective experience. Sleep, 2011, 34:1317-1325.

      Sallinen, M, Kecklund G. Shift work, sleep and sleepiness - differences between shift schedules and systems. Scand J Work Environ Health, 2010, 36:121-133.
          Åkerstedt T, Kecklund G, Ingre M, Lekander M, Axelsson J. Sleep homeostasis during repeated sleep restriction and recovery: support from EEG dynamics. Sleep, 2009, 32.
              Axelsson J, Kecklund G, Åkerstedt T, Donofrio P, Lekander M, Ingre M. Sleepiness and performance in response to repeated sleep restriction and subsequent recovery during semi-laboratory conditions. Chronobiology International, 2008, 25:297-308.
                Åkerstedt T, Ingre M, Broman J-E, Kecklund G. Disturbed sleep in shift workers, day workers, and insomniacs. Chronobiology International, 2008,25:333-348.


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                  Division of Biological psychology and treatment research

                  Our research division is focused on sleep and recovery associated with stress. The main idea is that stress/load gives long-term effects only when recovery is disturbed. The emphasis is on recovery processes as reflected in the activity of the central nervous system (such as d...

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