PhD student Linda Weidenstedt

Phone: +46(0)8-16 4621
Address: Stockholm UniversityDepartment of Sociology, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


Linda Weidenstedt's dissertation project deals with an HRM strategy called Empowerment. This strategy is commonly believed to have a positive impact on employees, while its unfavourable side effects tend to be overlooked.

Linda focuses on this 'gap' between an overly positive reputation of the concept and often rather negative experiences by the employees - a phenomenon known as 'paradoxical empowerment'. She is especially interested in the communicative interactions leading to this paradoxical situation and she draws on theoretical concepts such as ascribed agency, social exchange and reciprocity in her analyses of allegedly empowering interactions.

Recently Published Works:

  • Schirmer, Werner, Linda Weidenstedt and Wendelin Reich. 2013. "Respect and agency. An empirical exploration." Current Sociology 61(1): 57-75.
  • Schirmer, Werner, Linda Weidenstedt and Wendelin Reich. 2012. "From tolerance to respect in interethnic contexts." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 38(7): 1049-1065.

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