Prof Hillevi Lenz Taguchi

Mobile: +46 73 461 25 33
Phone: + 46 8 1207 6382
Address: Stockholm University, Department of Child and Youth Studies, S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


Lenz Taguchi holds undergraduate majors in literature and sociology and earned her PhD in education in 2001 at Stockholm University. Promoted Professor of Education 2011. Appointed professor in Child and Youth Studies and presently co-director of the division of Early Childhood Education, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University in 2013. Lenz Taguchi has experience of trans- and interdisciplinary research specifically focusing feminist theories and continental philosophy in her studies of higher education, teacher education and early childhood practices. She is much involved with the theoretical development and transgressive methodologies as part of the Posthumanist, New Materialist and Post Qualitative turns. She has published extensively in international journals and published a book in English at Routledge 2010. Nationally, she is a well-known author and lecturer with several books used in first most teacher education and gender studies. She has been project leader of a project on gender-pedagogy (2006-2010) and as of 2015 she is project-leader of a large scale educational neuroscience project in pre-school. Both with grants from the National Research Council.

List of publications

Peer reviewed articles

Frankenberg, Sofia; Lenz Taguchi, Hillevi; Gerholm, Tove;
Bodén, Linnea; Kallioinen, Petter; Kjällander, Susanne; Palmer, Anna; Tonér,
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performed in the Swedish early childhood education context, Journal of
Cognition and developmen

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Taguchi, H
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photograph of a fetus”: a feminist reconfiguration of the concept of posthumanism
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for special issue on Concept as Method, I Qualitative
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Taguchi, H.,
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Gustafsson, L. (2015) Individuating “Sparks” and “Flickers” of “A Life” in Dance
Practices with Preschoolers: The ‘Monstrous Child’ of Colebrook’s Queer
Vitalism, Discourse. Studies in the
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Jansson, M. & Lenz Taguchi, H. (2004) Introduction chapter to the Swedish edition of ”Reclaiming a Conversation” [Samtalet som kom bort. Idéer om kvinnors bildning], by Jane Roland Martin: HLS Förlag. (Co-authored introduction to book)

Other scientific articles – published as scientific reports

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2006) Rädsla och Motstånd, Lust och Frigörelse: Att omkonstruera sina förståelser om det lärande och könade subjektet i pedagogiskt arbete. [Fear, Resistance and Emancipation: To re-construct your understandings of the learning and gendered subject in pedagogical work] Published articles by key-note speakers at Nordic Teacher-Education Conference. Maj 10-14th 2006. Institute of Education, the Faeroe Islands.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2005) Deconstructing and transgressing “applying theory to practice” in early childhood teacher education. In (Eds.) Karlsen, Geir, Dons, Calle F., Guldahl, Tale M., Lorentzen, Svein & Krogstad Atle. Konference-report: FoU i Praksis 2005, No 25, Desember 2005 PPU serien, NTNU, Program för laererutdanning: Trondheim University.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2005) Developing an Integrated Workforce: the New Teacher Education in Sweden. Working for the future: re-imagining the children’s workforce. Published conference report by Children in Scotland, Edinburgh, U.K.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2005) Pedagogiskt dokumentation och estetiska läroprocesser [Pedagogical documentation and aesthetic learning-processes]. In (Eds.) Ulla Lind & Kersti Hasselberg Bakom ytan. 4 dagar om konstnärlig forskning och estetiska läroprocesser [Behind the Surface. 4 Days about Art-education and Aesthic learning-processes]. Rapport #5 2005, Institutionen för bildpedagogik, Konstfack.[Report # 5 2005 from University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm].

Lenz Taguchi, H. and Munkhammar, I. (2003) Consolidating Governmental Early Childhood Education and Care Services Under the Ministry of Education and Science: A Swedish Case Study. Early Childhood and Family Policy Series, no. 6 – 2003. UNECO’s webb-site:

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2002) Resisting Womanhood a s a Swedish Pre-school Teacher. Accepted with minor changes for Gender and Education. This article was never resubmitted due to my change of career and taking leave of absence for a year to work as an editor at Liber AB.

Other scientific work – presented conference-papers not already listed above as published or under review

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2014) The Fabrication of a New Empiricisms Researcher Subjectivity or Researching ‘Body without Organs’. Accepted paper to Tenth international Congress of Qualitative Inquiry May 21-24, 2014. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2014) The Neuron: Mapping a Cartography of the Forces and Connections between Early Childhood Practices and the Neurosciences, Accepted paper to Tenth international Congress of Qualitative Inquiry May 21-24, 2014. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2011) “Gender-pedagogy Work in Early Childhood Education: A Case of Sweden.” Paper presented at the NERA/NFPF pre-conference as main-speaker at the Gender and Education special interest group on the theme: ”Nordic Challenges, Future Possibilities – Gender Awareness in Schools and Teacher Education”. Organizer: Jukka Lethonen. (This paper will shortly be sent for review to the journal Gender and Education.)

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2008) “Pre-schooling as an arena for doing gender equality.

The case of Sweden.” Paper presented at symposium on Gender and Education at AERA, New York, 2008.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2006) The (im)posssibility of a more ‘just’ early childhood teacher education based on a deconstructive “groundless solidarity. Paper presented at symposium Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education – Research, Theory, Policy, And Practice, in Rotorua, New Zealand, 2006-11-20 – 2006- 12- 04.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2006) Deconstructing and reconceptualizing academic writing-practices towards a displaced subjectivity as student in teacher education. Paper presented at NFPF/NERA Congress in Örebro 9-11 March, 2006.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2004) Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education. A Practice of an Ethics of Deconstructional ‘Resistance’. Paper presented at Annual CEIEC (Centre for Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood) 11th -14th of nov. 2004 Melbourne, Australien.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2004) Troubling students and teacher-educators identities in (ECE)teacher education doing feminist poststructural practices. 12th Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Research, theory and practice, Oslo University College, May 24-28, 2004.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2003) Visual Culture and Aestethic Learning Strategies in Education. Paper presented at NFPF/NERA Congress in Copenhagen, March 6-9, 2003.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2003) Possibilities and difficulties in reconceptualizing preschool teachertraining in postmodern education. Paper presented at NFPF/NERA Congress in Copenhagen, March 6-9, 2003.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2002) In på bara benet. Feministiskt poststrukturella betraktelser[Down to bare bone. Feminist poststructualist reflections] Paper presented at Arkiv XX Conferens organised by Centre for Woman’s Studies at Stockholm University September 28, 2002.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2001) Co-operative learning-processes in a feminist post-structuralist study in pre-school. Paper presented at NERA/NFPF Congress in Stockholm, 15-18 March, 2001.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2000) Power, resistance and emancipation in the practices of pedagogical documentation. Paper presented at AERA, New Orleans, Lousiana, USA, 24-28 April 2000.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (1999) Power and Freedom in the usage of pedagogical documentation in Swedish pre-school practice – poststructural readings. Paper presented at Gender and Education. Second International Conference, University of Warwick, UK., 29-31 March, 1999.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (1998). Pedagogical documentation as a practice of ’Resistance’. Key-note presentation. Paper presented at the Conference of Democracy and Participation. Det Danske Reggio Emilia Netvaerk, in Aalborg, Sep. 16-17, 1998.

Popular science production

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2003) Det finns inga naturliga kön [There is no ’natural’ gender] I Pedagogiska Magasinet. Lärarförbundet. [Journal for the Teacher Union] Nr. 4/2003, 10-16.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2001) Pedagogik och forskning som ett ’motståndets etik’ – om kooperativa läroprocesser i förskolan [Pedagogy and research as an ’ethics of resistance’ – co-operative learning-processes in preschool] I Forskardagarna. [Popular-science report of annual dissertations at the Stockholm University].

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2001) Förskollärare kan tänka kritiskt [Preschool teachers can think critically] I Förskoletidningen [Journal for Pre-school teacher Union] no. 4, 2001.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2000) Makt, motstånd och frigörelse. Förskolläraren i ett genusperspektiv [Power, resistance and emancipation. The preschool-teacher in a gender-perspective] Genus, jämställdhet värdegrund. Rapport från Lika för Lika-konferens 11 mars, 2000. Lärar-förbundet. [Gender and gender-equality. The Teacher’s Union] (Printed and on webb.)

Lenz Taguchi, H. (2000) ”Om att inte vara en död fisk i strömmen” – den kvinnliga förskollärarens subjektivitet i ett arbete med kollektiva biografier. [”To be a dead fish in the stream” – the female preschool teacher’s subjectivity in working with collective biographies] I LHS TEMA forskning [Institute of Education – Research Theme Publications] Autumn, 2000.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (1999) Hur olikheten kan bli den lärande kommunikationens möjlighetsvillkor [How difference can become the precondition for a learning communication]. I Pedagogiska Magasinet. Lärarförbundet. [Journal for the Teacher Union] Nr.2 1999.

Lenz Taguchi, H. (1999) Barnsynen i Reggio Emilia: en praktik av motstånd mot det för givet tagna [The view of the child in Reggio Emilia: A practice of resistance against the taken-for-granted]. I Förskoletidningen [Journal for Pre-school teacher Union] nr.5-6, 1999.

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Lenz Taguchi, H. (1996) Visionen om ett möte mellan förskola och skola [The vision of a meeting-place between preschool and school]. Pedagogiska Magasinet, Lärarförbundet. [Journal for the Teacher Union] no.1. feb. 1996.

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Lenz Taguchi, H. (1995) Observation och dokumentation [Observation and documentation] Modern Barndom [Journal of Modern Childhood, Reggio Emilia Institute] no 2, 1995.


Enhancing preschool children´s attention, language and communication skills: An interdisciplinary study of socio-emotional learning and computerized attention training
01/01/2015 - 31/12/2018
Är uppmärksamhet något som bäst tränas med hjälp av ett datorprogram, eller utvecklas uppmärksamhet bäst i socialt samspel kring ett gemensamt lärandeobjekt? Kanske har de två metoderna olika fördelar? Syftet med denna inte...

Preschooling as an arena for developing gender-equality 1970-2008
01/01/2007 - 31/12/2009
Syftet är att via såväl nutidshistoriska som praxis-orienterade studier få kunskap om förskolan som jämställdhetspolitisk arena; genom att studera de diskursiva och konkreta pedagogiska villkoren för jämställdhetssträvande...

An interdisciplinary study of socio-emotional learning and computerized attention training


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