Dr Andreas Duit


Governing the Anthropocene: Causes and effects of environmental governance in a comparative perspective.
01/02/2013 - 31/12/2016
Detta projekt utgår från två huvudfrågor: 1) Vad förklarar skillnader mellan länder i hur de har svarat på miljöproblemens utmaningar genom att upprätta policys och regleringar av olika miljöproblem?, samt 2) Finns det ett sa...

The Ecological State: Cross-National Patterns of Environmental Governance Regimes
01/12/2008 - 31/12/2011
The aim of the project is to map and explain cross-national variation in governance responses to environmental change. Specifically, the project seeks to 1) describe and develop typologies of emerging environmental governance regimes, 2) analyse historical and contextual factors ...

Contested Species. An Interdiciplinary Approach for Understanding Conflict Dynamics in Wildlife Management
The objective of the project is to make an interdisciplinary analysis of conflict dynamics in contested wildlife populations in Sweden, with specific focus on conflicts between stakeholders and management agencies. Recent years have witnessed an increasing number of reports of co...

Collaborating with

Lundholm, Cecilia

My interests concern conceptual development and conceptual change, and instruction, in the social sciences including climate change, environmental and geography education.

I am Professor in Educational Science with a specialisation in teaching ...

Schultz, Lisen
Lisen Schultz holds a Schwartz Research Position since January 2011. Her research aims at deepening understanding of conditions and strategies that enable resilience-based management of landscapes and seascapes. Her work focuses on the role of bridging actors, who catalyze collab...


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