Prof Nils Ryman



Genetic variation in natural populations
01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014
We are currently facing a worldwide collapse of many exploited fish and wildlife populations that are suffering from reductions in population size and isolation as a result of habitat destruction and overharvest. Biologically sustainable use of natural populations provides a vari...

BaltGene - Baltic Sea Genetic Biodiversity
01/01/2009 - 31/12/2012
Biodiversity is indispensable to ecosystem production of goods and services and provides the basis for marine fisheries, recreation and tourism. Biodiversity management has thus far mostly focused on species-level biodiversity, but new research suggests genetic biodiversity is eq...

Genetic sustainability of herring and cod fisheries in Swedish waters
01/12/2007 - 31/12/2010
Anthropogenic activities such as large-scale fisheries affect the genetic profiles of socioeconomically important species. The degree to which fish genetic resources are depleted is unknown, however, and intraspecific genetic variation is largely neglected in fisheries management...

Genetic variation in natural populations
01/01/2007 - 31/12/2009
Understanding the short term genetic dynamics of natural populations is crucial in evolutionary and conservation biology, and this project focuses on microevolutionary processes from both empirical and theoretical perspectives. The empirical research is centered around a longitud...

Conservation of diversity in an exploited species: spatiotemporal variation in the genetics of herring in the North Sea and adjasent areas
01/01/2002 - 31/12/2004
The misidentification of population structure within stock complexes can lead to overexploitation by depleting spawning components, affecting intraspecific genetic diversity. This problem is exacerbated in stock complexes with demographically diverse components that intermingle s...


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