Prof Björn Hammarberg



Second language theory especially focusing on processes of L2 acquisition and development in adult language learners and on properties of the languages involved; research on third language (L3 acquisition and use by multilinguals); the process of utterance production. Functional and cognitive perspectives on language. Topics dealt with relate to the areas of phonology, syntax, lexis and discourse in Swedish, mainly in a second language context.

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Processes in Third Language Acquisition

Björn Hammarberg and Sarah Williams

Type: Research project.

Running: Intermittently 1990–2009.

Funding: Faculty resources, Stockholm University.

Project description

The ASU Corpus
Type: Research facility (language corpus)

  • The Swedish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSFR) 1991-94
  • Magn. Bergvalls Stiftelse; Birgit & Gad Rausings Stiftelse för Humani...

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