PhD student Anna Jörngården



MA in Literature and MSc in Psychology, both from Uppsala University, 2005. During the academic year 2009/2010, Anna Jörngården is a visiting scholar at University of California, Berkeley.

Dissertation project

Threshold of Time. Past and Future in Swedish Fin de Siècle Literature (working title). In my thesis, I study the literary preoccupation with the passage of time at the turn of the 20th century, a period characterized by the widespread experience of an old, traditional world rapidly giving way to a new, modern way of living. The intensified awareness of vanishing time lead to nostalgic reactions and an obsession with memory and history, but also to an intoxicating sensation of the radically new, in which the acceleration of time resulted in thrilling and breathtaking possibilities. I study how literary responses to this transitional period employed it both as a significant theme and a call for aesthetic reorientation.

Principal supervisor

Professor Anders Olsson, Department of Literature and History of Ideas, Stockholm University


Professor Anna Willams, Litteraturvetenskapliga institutionen, Department of Literature, Uppsala University


Modernism, modernity, time and temporality, nostalgia and memory, exile, gender theory, the relationship between literature and society.


  • “Sentimental Journey. Memory and Repetition in Narratives of Return,” in Acts of Memory. The Victorians and Beyond, ed. Ryan Barnett & Serena Trowbridge, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholar Publishing, forthcoming.
  • “Det märkvärdiga ögonblicket. Ola Hanssons novell ‘Arkimedes’ punkt’,” in Ordens negativ. Till Anders Olsson, ed. Anders Cullhed et al, Symposion: Stockholm/Stehag, 2009, pp. 159–181. [The Marvellous Moment. Ola Hansson’s Short Story ‘The Point of Archimedes’].
  • “Exile, Time and Memory in Ola Hansson’s Short Stories,” Scandinavian Studies 2008:3, pp. 267–312.
  • “Skapande sorg. Nostalgi, modernitet och kön i Kerstin Ekmans Händelser vid vatten och Majgull Axelssons Aprilhäxan,” Samlaren 2006, pp. 283–348. [Creative Mourning. Nostalgia, Modernity and Gender in Kerstin Ekman’s Blackwater and Majgull Axelsson’s April Witch].

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