Prof Mara Westling Allodi

Mobile: 073-461 2522
Phone: 08-12076478
Address: Stockholm UniversityDepartment of Special Education, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


Mara Westling Allodi researches and teaches in the field of Special Education. She was awarded a PhD in Education in 2002 at Stockholm University, for a thesis with the title: Support and resistance: ambivalence in Special Education. Her main research interests are the emotional and psycho-social aspects of learning, and the study, development and change of learning environments and organizations. Actual topical issues are the effects of policies of performance measurement and accountability on educational organizations. She is interested in multidisciplinary and mixed-method approaches and has experience of systematic reviews' methods. Westling Allodi contributed to the Delegation for Gender Equality in School with a literature review on boys’ and girls’ well-being in school. She has worked with case studies of the implementation of a governmental project for students with immigrant background; she participate in a research team that work with a preschool intervention on socio-emotional learning. She has also developed support material on the topic of more able, gifted and talented students. Ongoing projects are on developing interventions in early childhood education for children with special educational needs, in particular for structured observations and a multidisciplinary parent-infant interaction based intervention. She has been appointed as a member of the 2015 års Skolkommission (2015-2017).

Westling Allodi has years of experience in the educational field as a teacher and special educational needs teacher in inclusive settings. She was made Docent in 2008 and became Professor of Special Education in 2011.

Mara Westling Allodi teaches and supervises at the postgraduate programs in Special Educational Needs, and at master and doctoral courses in Special Education.

Selected Publications

Allodi Westling, M. (2017). A critical review of Ideology, Policy and Circumstances in the Swedish Context, related to Inclusive Education, Organisational Climate and Students’ Well-Being. In F. Dovigo (Ed.) Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practices : An International Perspective (pp. 97--116). Rotterdam.

Allodi Westling, M. (2016). Särskilt stöd i den svenska skolan och internationellt : en jämförande analys av policy och praktik för specialpedagogiska insatser och särskilt stöd. Stockholm. Working Papers.

Allodi Westling, M. (2015). Internationellt perspektiv på särskilt begåvade elever (pp. 1–10). Stockholm Skolverket.

Allodi Westling, M., Sundbom, L., & Yrwing, C. (2015). Understanding and Changing Learning Environments with Goals, Attitudes and Values in School : a Pilot Study of a Teacher Self-Assessment Tool. In ECER 2015 : Education and Transition - Contributions from Educational Research.

Allodi Westling, M. (2013). Simple-minded accountability measures create failure schools in disadvantaged contexts : a case study of a Swedish junior high school. Policy Futures in Education, 11(4), 331–363.

Allodi, M. W. (2010). Goals and values in school: a model developed for describing, evaluating and changing the social climate of learning environments. Social Psychology of Education, 13(2), 207-235.

Allodi, M. W. (2010). The Meaning of Social Climate of Learning Environments: Some Reasons Why We Do Not Care Enough about It. Learning Environments Research, 13(2), 89-104.

Allodi, M. W. (2010). Pojkars och flickors psykiska hälsa i skolan: en kunskapsöversikt. SOU 2010:79. Delegationen för Jämställdhet i skolan DEJA Rapport IX, Stockholm

Allodi, M.W., Dahlin, K., & Axelsson, M. (2016). ‘Språket - det tar lite tid att lära sig’ : Utvärdering av försöksverksamhet gällande 105 timmar extra undervisning i svenska eller svenska som andraspråk. Stockholm.

Allodi, M. W. & Fischbein, S. (2012). Teachers' perceptions of work environment in Swedish Junior-High Schools. : Research in Comparative and International Education. 7(3), 376-393.

Gustafsson, J-E., Allodi Westling, M., Alin Åkerman, B., Eriksson, C., Eriksson, L., Fischbein, S., Granlund, M., Gustafsson, P., Ljungdahl, S., Ogden, T., Persson, R. S. (2010). School, Learning and Mental Health. A systematic review. Stockholm: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Herkner, B., Allodi, M. & Olofsson, Å. (2014). Early identification or broken promises?: a comparison of literacy assessment performance in 112 Swedish third graders. European Journal of Special Needs Education, 29(2), 237-246.

Lundqvist, J., Westling Allodi, M., & Siljehag, E. (2016). Characteristics of Swedish preschools that provide education and care to children with special educational needs. European Journal of Special Needs Education, 31(1), 124–139.

Lundqvist, J., Westling Allodi, M., & Siljehag, E. (2015). Special Educational Needs and Support Provisions in Swedish Preschools : A Multiple-Case Study. International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education, 7(2), 270–290.

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Implementation of evidence based practices for children with developmental disabilities: cross-cultural adaptation of assessment tools and research instruments
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Support to families with preterm born infants - a child-parent-interaction based intervention

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Play and social interaction for all children in inclusive preschool settings

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children with special educational needs in preschool settings through a multicomponent intervention
that includes staff training, universal interventions in the educational
environment and targeted activities...

Swedish PsPATHS Trial
Assess child and teacher outcomes of a preschool curriculum designed to improve child prosocial development.


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