Dr Linda Kridahl

Email: linda.kridahl@sociology.su.se
Mobile: 0704 52 20 09


Linda Kridahl is a researcher in Sociological Demography at the Department of Sociology. Linda has a Master in Demography and a Bachelor of Social Science from Stockholm University. Her research interests are retirement timing and motivations to retire, with specific focus on leisure activities, grandchildren and family relations. Please see CV for more details. Publication: Retirement and Leisure: A longitudinal Study using Swedish Data Forthcoming Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2014.

Kridahl_CV_2016.pdf (pdf / 292456)

Collaborating with

Duvander, Ann-Zofie

Ann-Zofie Duvander is associate professor of Sociology and Demography. Her research interests include family policy, family dynamics as well as the family and work-connection. She is an expert on parental leave policies in Sweden, with a special focus on leave taken by fathers...

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