Prof Jonas Tallberg

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The Choice for Europe since Maastricht. Member States' Preferences for Economic and Financial Integration
01/07/2015 - 30/06/2019

The Eurozone crisis corroborated the warnings of economists that weak economic policy coordination and loose fiscal oversight would be insufficient to stabilise the monetary union. To prevent a recurrence of the crisis, economists, political actors and the “Blueprint” of the E...

The Performance of International Organizations: Institutional Design and Policy Output in Global Governance
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2017
Många av de problem som dagens samhällen står inför är gränsöverskridande till sin natur, däribland klimatförändringar, konflikter, fattigdom och migration. En kons...

Explaining the Origin and Implementation of Children's Rights in EU External Policy: Norms, Advocacy Coalitions, and Policy Translation
01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014
The purpose of this project is to determine how the EU is working to promote, protect and fulfilchildren's rights in its external policy. It will establish how children´s rights became an issue on the EU's foreign policy agenda and how it is being implemented through variou...

The Design of International Institutions: Legitimacy, Effectiveness and Distribution in Global Governance
01/01/2009 - 31/12/2013
One of the most profound trends in global governance over the past two decades is the growing extent to which international institutions offer mechanisms for the participation of transnational actors. This project will explore two central research questions, pertaining to the cau...


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