Dr Marina Dahlquist

Email: marina.dahlquist@ims.su.se
Phone: 08-674 7624


I received my PhD in Cinema Studies at Stockholm University in 2001 with a thesis titled The Invisible Seen in French Cinema before 1917. I am presently finishing a book manuscript for an anthology on the so-called serial craze of the 1910's as a cross-cultural phenomenon with the title: "Exporting Pauline: Pearl White and the Serial Film Craze".

Primary research interests are historical reception studies, educational films, and issues of globalization.

List of publications.


Cinema and uplift: health discourses and social activism in the U.S. 1910-1930
01/01/2011 - 31/12/2013
Moving pictures pedagogical wherewithal and their usefulness for civic education have recurrently provided a rationale for the medium, particularly during the formative decades of cinema. This discourse runs in tandem with anxieties concerning undesirable representations offering...

Collaborating with

Olsson, Jan
Jan Olsson's primary research interests are historical reception and emerging media in a cross-cultural perspective.

He has authored and edited several books, including Svensk spelfilm under världskriget (1979), Från filmljud till ljudfilm (1986), Se...

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