Dr Henrik Bergqvist


My research interests are centered around language description and documentation with a focus on epistemic marking systems. I have almost exclusively worked on the native languages of middle and south america where I have spent time in the field in Mexico and Colombia.

List of publications


Complex perspective in epistemic assessment: exploring intersubjectivity in language
01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014
The proposed project investigates ´complex perspective´ in epistemic assessment. A complex perspective simultaneously denotes the speaker´s perspective with regard to an event and the speaker´s assumptions about the addressee´s perspective with regar...

Participant perspective as an inflectional category in Chibchan, Nambikwaran, and Mayan languages
01/07/2008 - 30/06/2010
The proposed project investigates the grammaticalized expression of inter-subjectivity with special attention to Chibchan, Nambikwaran, and Mayan (Yukatekan) languages. Inter-subjectivity is a pragmatically motivated concept that relates to the speaker-addressee configuration of ...

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